About GeoOp

We help tradies, field service and home service businesses reduce the complexity of running their business.

We help you manage your day-to-day jobs, while saving time and improving cash flow. We are simple, smart software designed to reduce the challenges that come with running a business on the go.

When you partner with GeoOp we’ll help you stay connected and in control so you can focus on what matters most; getting the job done, getting paid quickly and getting on with your life.

We know what it’s like to start, build and scale a trade, field service or home service business – and we know that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything. That’s why we created GeoOp and that’s why we are constantly working to build better job management software that ticks all your boxes.

GeoOp saves up to 14 hours a week on admin

Our purpose

To help home service business owners achieve their ambitions.


provide our customers the peace of mind that they know they’re always on top of their admin, allowing them to get on and focus on what they do best.


Providing smart, simple software to help manage business, including customer communications, quoting, job management, scheduling, invoicing and payments.

GeoOp is a fully staffed pocket office that helps to systematise and streamline customer operations, optimise workloads, free up time and improve cash flow.

Our journey

GeoOp was founded in 2009 in NZ with the dream to help tradies improve their lives and businesses with job management software that saves time and streamlines admin.

Fast forward to the present and GeoOp has spread across 17 countries and won numerous tech and business awards, underpinning a quality product experience for over 15,000 tradies.

In 2020 GeoOp changed leadership and continued our expansion with a new UK office launching in April 2022. We are a truly global company with our team spread across the world yet focused on a quality experience for tradies needing to tech up their business.

Nearly 15 years of experience in job management for tradies


If you’re a sales and marketing, customer service or product and development superstar looking to work in a business that helps others and celebrates every success, we’d love to hear from you.

Leadership & Board of Directors

Our leadership team compromises experts in the fields of technology, marketing, software, engineering and customer success. Our team is supported by a highly experienced Board of Directors.

Investor centre

Get investor relations/shareholder information, contact our stare registry, and access annual reports in the Geo Investor Centre.


Access our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and support on issues from staff and client management, the mobile app, accounting/bookkeeping, scheduling, and getting started, paid and the work done.

Trusted by over 15000 customers, just like you.

Our values

Customer obsessed

We live to create positive improvements in the lives of our customers. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.


To support our customers, our solutions must be simple, intuitive and easy to use wherever the job is. We call it ‘practical simplicity’.


Individually talented, we achieve success as a team. We’re decisive and thrive on open communication, continuous collaboration and getting it done.’.

Always deliver

Based on feedback and real world usage patterns we deliver a bulletproof platform that delivers value, everyday. We deliver what we say we will.

Metrics driven

We’re metrics and data driven, continually striving to improve what we measure. This informs our decision making, monitors our progress and defines our growth.

And we're human

Success is the outcome of a journey enjoyed. We share knowledge, debate with respect, have fun, laugh a lot, and celebrate every win. This makes us 100% human.