Simple job management for tradie franchises

Organise your operations in one place so your franchisees can easily manage quotes, jobs, teams, customers and payments. Perfect for growing franchise networks looking to streamline their admin and save time.

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Team member suddenly unavailable? See everyone’s calendar, drag and drop to assign the job to another cleaner on your team.

Stay on top of everyone’s schedules

Keep track of team members, contractors and workloads helping to save time and money. View centralised information, use the job list or calendar view to easily schedule and assign jobs.

See schedules at a glance

The calendar view allows you to easily drag and drop jobs to allocate them to different days, times, team members and contractors. Check everyone’s capacity with day, week or monthly view.

Manage your team more easily and quickly

GeoOp also displays team member availability and unavailability making managing a casual team or team of contractors more efficient and less stressful.

Recurring Jobs

Do the Jones’ have allergies and need particular products used? Add notes to the job so all team members involved are aware of what needs to be done and how.

Easily manage regular bookings

Save time with regular clients you attend weekly or fortnightly by easily scheduling recurring jobs. Batch invoices to have multiple jobs on one invoice making end of month invoice for regular clients easier. Manage jobs and schedules on the go to make the best use of your time.

Managing jobs made simple

Using clear layouts and intuitive process designs, it’s easy to manage recurring jobs on the GeoOp mobile app. See schedules at a glance and where new jobs can be assigned.

Better manage your business in real time

The wealth of information gathered by mobile teams is updated back to the office in real time, for access either straight away or anytime in the future.

Customised Forms/Checklists

Take photos to highlight the before and after – easily share the sparkling, thorough clean shots with your customers.

Ensure all jobs are completed correctly

Keep track of all tasks for all jobs. Take before and after photos, collect consistent information for every job by creating custom forms and getting your onsite team to fill them in from anywhere using the GeoOp mobile app.

Ensure everything is ticked off

GeoOp forms allow you to complete safety forms, job forms, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), collect photos, and more to streamline your processes. Once complete, save forms as PDFs and easily share with your team and your clients.

Ensure jobs meet expectations

Save on training time when you bring in a new team member. Share instructions with all team members involved in a job. Create clear documentation, instructions and checklists ensuring nothing is missed and jobs are completed to the standard you and your clients expect.

GeoOp plays well with others

Already using Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB? You can integrate it with GeoOp so all your important info stays together.

Don’t take our word for it… Trust leaders that have built their business on GeoOp

“We’ve been using Geo for years now and it’s been instrumental to helping us build our business”

Matt Wilson, Owner,
Titan Plumbing Services

“From the initial consultation through to training, implementation and support, the team at Geo has been invaluable.”

Les Elliot
Knightguard Security

“I like the job scheduling feature of GeoNext and being able to colour code between those jobs I’ve booked in and those that are yet to be booked. Having my employees be able to do the same is also really handy.”

Alex Waterman, Owner
Waterman Electrical Solutions
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Fast Customer Support

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Free Training
for Life

Personalised training is available to help you and your team get your team up to speed on the features of GeoOp, how to use it, and how to leverage the software to build a more efficient business.

Frequently asked questions

What is job management software and why is it useful?

GeoOp job management and field service software has been specifically to assist trade and home service businesses. It provides all the tools you need to manage jobs, your team and your business in a more efficient, cost effective and less stressful way, from wherever you are.

How does GeoOp work for franchise businesses

GeoOp supports franchise businesses by centralising their operations and have a clear view of their franchisee activity. Franchise parent companies can access franchisee data, workflows and admin when required.

How much does it cost?

Pricing will vary but we have built GeoOp to be an affordable and flexible job management software option for trade and home service franchises. We give special consideration to franchise businesses given the size and scope of their operations.

Will I get support in training my team on the software?

Yes, with GeoOp you get free training for life. Once signed up we’ll organise a time to scope your needs and ensure training is customised to suit your business. We work out a training schedule with you and go from there.

GeoOp is designed with simplicity at its core. You will also have access to online help centre with useful ‘how to’ articles and videos, as well as ongoing customer support if you need an extra hand.

How else can GeoOp help my business?

GeoOp offers a wide range of features, designed specifically to support the needs of trade franchises including a centralised place to view and engage with your franchisee accounts.

GeoOp also has the capacity for franchises to set up jobs on franchisee accounts and create billable templates and custom forms that help save time on admin. It’s also a fantastic job management tool for your franchisees with heaps of features to help a business run the show, on the go.