On-the-go Job Management

The GeoOp mobile application is your day-to-day companion helping you manage your jobs, schedule, clients and team anytime, anywhere.

Manage work with ease

On the go

Easily manage your schedule, jobs and clients anytime and from anywhere with the GeoOp mobile app. Allow for better, real-time communication for your field team.

Save time on admin

Why lose your nights to admin when it can be done on the app as the jobs are sorted? With GeoOp you will get a real-time view of work progress as your team fills out forms, uploads proof of work photos, creates notes and other info you require through customisable forms.

Create and send quotes and invoices

Capture charges while on site, manually or using the GeoOp timer to record time worked on jobs. Create professional quotes, invoices and send them to your clients in a matter of minutes.

Stay up to date

Notifications that help prioritise

Get the right info, to the right people, at the right time with push notifications and keep your team up-to-date on latest changes. Automatically send real-time notifications to your team members when a new job is assigned to them or when one of their jobs is updated. You can also set up a reminder to be sent to the assigned staff when a job is due to begin.

Track and schedule

Visualise all of your jobs on a calendar to stay on top of your schedule, plan your days ahead and never miss a job again. View all your jobs on a map to plan and optimise trips to client locations. 

Location and navigation

Location tracking

Stay on top of your team’s activity and get access to team member’s geolocation captured as they use the GeoOp mobile app throughout the day.


Easily find your way to a job location using favourite navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze and a simple click on the job address. 

Join the revolution and try GeoOp free for 14 days…no obligation, no credit card required.

Explore more GeoOp features

We’ve helped hundreds of service businesses build bulletproof operations and save heaps of time every week. From winning quotes to cash in the bank faster, let GeoOp help you build the business you’d love to run.

Create winning quotes

Schedule and manage your jobs

Organise your team

Track time and billables

Communicate with your customers

Send invoices and receive payments quickly

Don’t take our word for it… Trust leaders that have built their business on GeoOp

“It took us four years to get to 24 jobs a day, now we’ve doubled the jobs to about 50 in six months and it’s much less work for us – we’ve got our weekends back!”

Margarita Elevancini, Owner
Margarita’s Cleaning

“GeoOp keeps all present and past job details and photos on the cloud to allow anyone on my team to quickly access photos and customer notes / details, from anywhere”

Thomas Fellow
Historic Plumbing Australia

“When we first looked at GeoOp, we could see that information was available immediately to anybody on site or in the office. It was available on any screen. Even if you’re not at work, you can log in at home. It’s that kind of thing that we’ve missed in the past”

Ken Mackay
Appliance Pros

GeoOp is the simple and powerful choice for your business