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Want to know more about job management software and how GeoOp can help? Below are our most commonly asked questions. Have a read, or open up our website chat bubble and ask away!

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What is job management software and why is it useful?

Imagine all the tasks you do in a single day, such as quoting, creating and scheduling jobs, coordinating your team and chasing up late invoices (to name a few!). Now, think about the systems you use to get the work done. It might seem simple enough to use spreadsheets, filing systems, whiteboards and sms and text, email, but using a bunch of different systems and manual processes creates a disjointed and time consuming workflow.

The busier and more successful your business gets the less free time you have as more and more paperwork comes through. That’s where job management software comes in.

Job management software is an online platform that’s designed to be a digital replacement for paperwork and manual processes. It’s made up of tools that allow you and your team to store and access information, such as your jobs, schedules and financial details in one place.

Job management software works on PCs, tablets and mobiles, allowing you and your team to stay connected anytime and anywhere. Using it as part of your day-to-day is more reliable, secure and efficient. Most of all it just takes the headache out of keeping track of everything going on in the business. We think it’s the best software for tradies to organise their business – though we are a little biased. 😉

How does job management software work?

Job management software, also known as field service software is a digital platform that helps tradie businesses like yours manage their daily operations online. Tasks such as job scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and tracking are streamlined in the digital space, or ‘cloud’ to help reduce errors, boost efficiency and save time.

One of the ways job management software, like GeoOp, does this is through cloud computing. Instead of storing data on your personal computer, it is stored in the cloud (which is like a super computer online that stores your data). This means that users can securely access data anywhere, anytime through a job scheduling app as long as they have an internet connection. The cloud allows for real time updates and teamwork. For example, one of your field team members can update a job status while on site. You’ll be able to see the update immediately without having to wait for any paperwork to be returned.

If you’re looking to modernise your business then using job management apps like GeoOp are a sure way to ensure you spend less time on admin and more time focusing on the priorities that bring you joy! Whether it’s building the business, or getting your weekends back.

How much does it cost?

Pricing will vary but we have built GeoOp to be an affordable and flexible job management software option for trade and home service businesses. You can find full details of pricing here.

What is the main benefit for my business?

GeoOp supports trade and field service businesses by allowing you to manage your quotes, team, jobs and business information all in one place. Think of it as your business in your pocket for on-site management of your team, quotes, jobs, calendar, documentation and invoicing.

Why should I make the switch from manual paperwork?

It’s understandable to be hesitant about making the switch from manual paperwork to job management software for your tradie business. However, there are several compelling reasons why switching to simple job management software can benefit your business in the long run:

Boost your efficiency and save time. Job management software simplifies the entire process of managing your business operations. With the best field management software for your business, you can easily schedule jobs, track time, and generate invoices without any manual intervention, saving you valuable time and resources. On average, GeoOp customers save up to 14 hours a week from the reduction time in admin work.

Track everything, with better accuracy. Traditional manual paperwork can often lead to errors, which can be costly for your business. Job management software reduces the likelihood of errors and helps you maintain accurate records, ensuring that you can make informed decisions about your business.

Operate with real-time visibility. Job management apps allow you to track your field service team’s progress, monitor job status, and get instant updates on any changes or delays, allowing you to make quick decisions and adjustments as needed.

Improve the customer experience. Respond faster to customer requests with a more efficient quoting, job scheduling and payment experience. Job management software is the clear winner when it comes to improving customer satisfaction.

Save on costs. By automating many of your business processes, you can reduce your operating costs significantly. You’ll save on administrative expenses, reduce the risk of errors and rework, and improve your team’s productivity, all of which can have a positive impact on your bottom line

Where should I start if I can't go completely paperless straight away?

If you’re looking to make the switch to job management software but can’t get rid of all your paperwork and manual processes straight away, there are a few things you can do to get started. Firstly, identify where you waste the most time and see if there are any tasks that can be automated or digitised.

Secondly, calculate how much you’re spending on tasks currently and compare that to the cost of using the best job management app for your business. Finally, start small and build up. Introduce new processes gradually and train your team members on how to use the new software effectively.

Remember that going paperless can have a multitude of benefits for tradie-based businesses. Firstly, it can save money in the long run. By eliminating the need for paper forms, reducing stationery needs as well as filing cabinets, and storage space, businesses can reduce their operating costs significantly. Even with basic job scheduling software, businesses can streamline workflows, improve communication, and reduce the risk of human errors, all of which can improve productivity and increase revenue.

Sticking with paperwork in the long-run can be a bad idea for your businesses because it is often time-consuming and inefficient. Paper forms can get lost or damaged, and manual data entry can lead to errors and inaccuracies.

By starting the process to move away from paperwork, you can start to reap the benefits of job management software and move towards a more efficient and sustainable way of working.

What does it mean to go paperless?

Going paperless refers to the process of replacing paper-based systems with digital processes. This means that instead of relying on paper forms, documents, and files, all information is stored, processed, and accessed digitally. By doing so, businesses can significantly reduce their paper usage, which in turn can help to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and promote sustainability.

One of the main benefits of going paperless with field service software is the ability to streamline workflows. All information is stored digitally and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing for real-time updates and collaboration among team members. Additionally, your team can easily access job details, schedules, and customer information from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry.

Going ‘paperless’ doesn’t mean just getting rid of your paperwork. It can also mean doing away with time consuming manual processes such as:

Using whiteboards to map out staff schedules
Online spreadsheets for tracking expenses
Cold calling and texting staff and customers
Using a filing cabinet to store your paperwork

By bringing manual processes like the above into one job management system means they are connected, and there is less manual handling, which is a huge time saver.

What is 'the cloud' and how does it help with job scheduling?

Imagine being able to organise all your business information online in a secure space that can be accessed from your phone, computer or tablet. Now, add your admin workflow to that and be able to see changes updated in real time. That is ‘the cloud’: a network of remote servers used to store, manage and process data over the internet removing the need for physical storage devices or on-site servers run by your business.

It’s also one of the primary reasons why it is so useful for job scheduling software like GeoOp. Being able to track data and job schedules anywhere, and anytime means you can more easily communicate with your team and customers. You can quote, schedule and tick off jobs in real time and not have to worry about information double ups or tracking down a lost invoice because it’s all there, accessible for you through the app.

Here’s a quick summary of the benefits:

Instant updates
All changes such as creating a new job or an updated timesheet are in the one place and reflected across any device you or your team may be using to access it. This means you don’t have to worry about double ups for invoices or not knowing who jobs are allocated to.

No more chasing up
You’ll know the status of jobs, payments and the whereabouts of your staff at all times, so you don’t need to cold call anyone or chase up on the status of a job.

Do more in less time
Using cloud based software means you only have to do the admin for tasks once as job information is updated in real time. This reduces the need for manual data entry across multiple systems. Communication is streamlined between your team and customers and you can integrate software like your accounting platform to further reduce paperwork. Our customers save up to 14 hours on average.

What is software integration and why is it useful for my business?

Software integration refers to the process of connecting different software applications and systems, allowing them to work together – almost like you are using them as one product! The capacity to do this will depend on the software and the technology they have to help integrate it with other software, but if you are finding your business is coming to rely on lots of different bits of software then it’s a path worth exploring.

Integrations are useful for businesses as there are many time saving benefits and boosted productivity with the reduction in admin. For example if your business uses accounting software then you can integrate it with your job management software to automatically update invoices and track payments linked to jobs completed. This not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of errors and improves the accuracy of financial records.

What type of software can be integrated with a job management app like GeoOp?

Great question. When you use GeoOp as your core job management system there are a number of options available to you. These include:

Accounting software
Integrating job management software with accounting software is the most common form of integration. Most decent job management apps should have this. GeoOp integrates with XERO, MYOB, Quickbooks and Freshbooks. When you integrate your accounting software you’ll be able to keep better track of your taxable items so you can create more accurate claims.

Location tracking software
When your team needs to travel to various locations as part of their job, integrating location and GPS tracking software is worth thinking about. When you have integrated GPS, you can better track team movements and your business assets making it easier to schedule jobs, dispatch workers and monitor productivity. With live tracking and real time updates to the schedule as the day changes means businesses can respond more quickly to changes in the field. GeoOp integrates with Teletrac, Armada and EROAD

Inventory management
If you have a rapid turnover of parts and billable items as part of your daily work, then integrating your job management software with an inventory management tool is worth considering. This way you can automatically keep track of your stock and what parts are used for each job as well as manage your stock orders and supply. This helps with reducing costs by not overstocking or understocking your supplies and allows you to more easily link billable items on your quotes and invoices. GeoOp integrates with Unleashed for a smoother inventory management experience.

Are there any additional costs associated with integrating software systems?

Not with GeoOp there aren’t, other than whatever costs are associated with paying for the respective software. When you need to integrate software with GeoOp you can do so through the appropriate settings menu in a few clicks and then follow the prompts.

What else should I consider when it comes to integrating job management software with other tools?

Before you bring any software into your business there are a few things to consider:

What system do you want to make your core system?
As integration works by bringing features into one place, you’ll need to make sure the software that’s receiving the integration isn’t a hassle for you and your team to use.

What aspects can be transferred and shared between the two systems?
Integration isn’t one-size-fits-all, certain providers may only program integration for certain features and not others. So if a system advertises that it integrates with a product your business already uses, it’s worth looking into what exactly that integration involves. You don’t want to end up getting new software and the integration is only for features your business doesn’t use.

How often does the integrate update/sync itself?
If you make a change in one software how long does it take to show up in the other? You want your integration’s sync times to be as quick as possible (otherwise you’re better off keeping them separate).

How does location tracking work on GeoOp?

You can use GeoOp’s map tool to show job locations for each day. If you want to track your team throughout the day using GPS (Global Positioning System) you can easily activate our location tracking integration in the app. We have partnered with Armada, Teletrac and EROAD. Integration can be completed in just a few clicks with no technical skill required.

Once integrated your team’s GPS locations will show up, which will add another layer of transparency and collaboration for you and your team. Integrating location tracking can be helpful in a number of ways including:

Keeping everyone safe and accountable
Whether it is a breakdown, or an accident, travelling on the road comes with a level of risk. GPS tracking allows you or members of your team to see each other’s location and assist.

Know ETAs in real time
You can get a better track on time to the next job through location tracking and more easily communicate that with your team or your customers.

Create more efficient schedules
By viewing the locations of each job you can allocate them as needed to the nearest or most appropriate team member. Create the most optimal route between jobs and have the day planned out more effectively.

Recover a lost / stolen device
If a staff member can’t find their device another team member can simply look up its location and track it down. No more cutting into your profits for replacement devices.

Does GeoOp have a timer functionality for jobs?

Yes! Your team members can use a timer to clock in and off for a job on the mobile. You can then use GeoOp’s reporting tool to look at how much time your team members are spending on jobs to help get more insight on your costs around actual vs quoted hours.

When can I contact GeoOp if I need support?

We have several options for you to get in touch if you need a bit of a hand. You can get in touch quickly in the app through our chat help feature as well as on the website. You can also call or email us.

We offer generous hours of customer support seven days a week to our customers across the globe. See below times for our main areas of service.

Australia: 8.30am – 2.30am (next day) (AEST)
New Zealand: 10.30am – 4.30am (next day)
United Kingdom: 8.30am – 7.30am (next day)

We also have a useful self-help support hub with links to article and video resources on how to use GeoOp if you want to strike out on your own first before getting in touch.

Does the app support IOS and Android

Yes indeed it does. You can download the app for IOS or Android from the relevant app stores. Our software is cloud based, which means your data is centrally located and updated in real time whether you are on your phone, tablet or computer.

Can I change how many licences I have based on team size?

You sure can! At GeoOp we understand that businesses change in size over time and we want to give you the flexibility you need at any given time over the number of licences you require.

How safe is my data on GeoOp?

Extremely. The security of your business data we take very seriously. We use up to date security tech through our cloud service provider. This data is frequently backed up and encrypted.

Can I import my clients and data?

Yes, GeoOp is able to import your client data, job data as well as parts and materials through CSV file upload.

Is there a lock in contract to use GeoOp?

With GeoOp there is no lock-in contract. You just pay month to month. If you are interested in an annual billing cycle, we are happy to discuss it.

What training does GeoOp offer?

Getting started on any new piece of software can be exciting but also feel a little overwhelming. This is why we offer personalised 1 on 1 training with your own dedicated GeoOp specialist to ensure we gain a deep understanding of your business needs and that you and your team become expert GeoOp users!

We can also tailor the number of sessions you require to ensure you and your team feel fully equipped and ready to go with GeoOp. Once you’re comfortable using GeoOp, support is always available if you need additional assistance.

Do I have to pay per user?

GeoOp offers flexible subscription pricing based on a per user basis. Depending on the size of your team and how many people require access will be case by case. Please talk to one of our specialists to find out how many users your business might need.

Do I have to pay for SMS?

We charge per SMS usage. When a customer first activates SMS billing they are provided with some initial credits to see how the system works as a once off. SMS prices vary depending on your country. Please speak to one of our specialists for further information.

Do you have a client payment system?

Yes we do. You can use GeoPay, which integrates with Stripe.

How long does it take to get set up on GeoOp?

Not long at all. Usually between 1-2 hours max to get your account fully set up and customised for your business. This is all done in a 1 on 1 personalised training session, free of charge.

How else can GeoOp help my business?

GeoOp offers a wide range of features, designed specifically to support the needs of trade and service businesses, including timesheets and timers, materials and billables management, location tracking and accounting integration (and so much more). Check out our features page to find out more or open up the website chat bubble and ask us a question.

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“I like the job scheduling feature of GeoOp and being able to colour code between those jobs I’ve booked in and those that are yet to be booked. Having my employees be able to do the same is also really handy.”

Alex Waterman, Owner
Waterman Electrical Solutions

“GeoOp keeps all present and past job details and photos on the cloud to allow anyone on my team to quickly access photos and customer notes / details, from anywhere”

Thomas Fellow
Historic Plumbing Australia

“Before GeoOp it was just phone calls, text messages and bits of paper. We couldn’t go that way as the business grew. Now we have a central platform to manage our scheduling and messaging. Everyone knows where they’re at each day and what needs to be done because of GeoOp”

Chris Redondo
Ryco Hoses, Southwest

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