Coordinate work with team messaging and logs 

Manage your team on one platform and on the go with email, SMS, phone and push notifications. Your team can get job updates and assignments direct to their phones in the field.

Centralised communications

All in one place

A centralised space to coordinate work and communicate without the need to switch between different apps. 

Keep everyone up to date

Easily share information stored in GeoOp with your team members, via email or SMS.

Quick access to team logs and records

Central audit trail

Simple, quick access to audit logs with all the information at your fingertips. All messages sent, invoices created, charges added/edited/deleted, and notes created are logged in a central and secure location.

For future reference

With this centralised log, all team activities and communications can be tracked and reviewed at any time, wherever you may be. This can be helpful to use in relation to jobs, customer service or even HR matters.

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We’ve helped hundreds of service businesses build bulletproof operations and save heaps of time every week. From winning quotes to cash in the bank faster, let GeoOp help you build the business you’d love to run.

Create winning quotes

Schedule and manage your jobs

Organise your team

Track time and billables

Communicate with your customers

Send invoices and receive payments quickly

Don’t take our word for it… Trust leaders that have built their business on GeoOp

“I like the job scheduling feature of GeoNext and being able to colour code between those jobs I’ve booked in and those that are yet to be booked. Having my employees be able to do the same is also really handy.”

Alex Waterman, Owner
Waterman Electrical Solutions

“We’ve been using Geo for years now and it’s been instrumental to helping us build our business”

Matt Wilson, Owner,
Titan Plumbing Services

“From the initial consultation through to training, implementation and support, the team at Geo has been invaluable.”

Les Elliot
Knightguard Security
GeoOp is the simple and powerful choice for your business