Why GeoOp?

Great question…

We imagined a world where tradies and home service businesses could run and expand their businesses easily, on the go, and with less paperwork, and then… we built it.

No more trying to remember customer information. No more lost job details. No more chasing your team for updates – where they are, how long they were at a job, what parts and supplies need to be charged for. No more spending your nights and weekends catching up on admin.

GeoOp saves up to 14 hours a week on admin

Make running your business easier

Running trade-based or home service business can often feel like two jobs – on the tools or in the field all day and then doing admin at nights and weekends. GeoOp has been designed to simplify your day-to-day tasks, freeing up your time to be with friends and family and actually have a life.

Get a system in place

Many tradies and home service business owners tell us that they feel so unorganised, with no real system or process in place to run their teams and business. GeoOp was created to systemise and streamline your admin and job management.

Say goodbye to the overwhelm

Overwhelmed about how to run your business, choosing the right job management software, keeping clients, suppliers, staff, contractors and everyone in between happy? GeoOp was built to combat the overwhelm – making everything less stressful – from managing jobs to communicating with teams and clients.

Helping you to cash in the bank

Too many tradies and home service business owners told us that they were struggling to track how their business was performing, to get paid on time, to manage their cash flow, to charge correctly. GeoOp was engineered so that everything is in one place meaning that cash flow and profitability is tracked and invoices are timely and accurate – all in real time.

GeoOp is the simple and powerful choice for your business