Streamlined job management to boost your business and save time

Centralise all of your job information in a single, secure, easily accessible place that is easily updated on the go so jobs stay on track and on budget. 

Ensure jobs are up-to-date and track all the details – job location, assigned staff and instructions, client contact details and so much more all in the one place.

Manage your jobs with ease

Digitise your business

Centralise all your business information in the digital space and get a real-time view of your jobs, clients and team activity. Access and update information you need anytime, from anywhere via the GeoOp web platform and mobile app.

Customisable to suit you

Each business is different and GeoOp job management software offers a wide range of customisations to allow you to create an environment that suits you. Customise the default columns, sorting order, filters, date range and way more.

Track job progress

Notes to keep track of jobs progress

Create notes to capture information on the jobs, such as proof of work photos, client signatures, barcode scans or any type of file. Quickly and easily create and send custom PDF documents that include all your notes for internal or external sharing.

Easily manage your billables

Create a standard list of charges for your business (labour and part) that are easily added to quotes, jobs and invoices. Get your team members to record time and material used while doing the work via the mobile app. No more approximation, get an accurate view of your jobs profitability and billings.

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Don’t take our word for it… Trust leaders that have built their business on GeoOp

“I like the job scheduling feature of GeoOp and being able to colour code between those jobs I’ve booked in and those that are yet to be booked. Having my employees be able to do the same is also really handy.”

Alex Waterman, Owner
Waterman Electrical Solutions

“GeoOp keeps all present and past job details and photos on the cloud to allow anyone on my team to quickly access photos and customer notes / details, from anywhere”

Thomas Fellow
Historic Plumbing Australia

“Before GeoOp it was just phone calls, text messages and bits of paper. We couldn’t go that way as the business grew. Now we have a central platform to manage our scheduling and messaging. Everyone knows where they’re at each day and what needs to be done because of GeoOp”

Chris Redondo
Ryco Hoses, Southwest

GeoOp is the simple and powerful choice for your business

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We’ve helped hundreds of service businesses build bulletproof operations and save heaps of time every week. From winning quotes to cash in the bank faster, let GeoOp help you build the business you’d love to run.

Create winning quotes

Schedule and manage your jobs

Organise your team

Track time and billables

Communicate with your customers

Send invoices and receive payments quickly