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GeoOp has been built to help a range of different industries spanning trade and home service businesses. Click on your industry below for more on how GeoOp can support your business:


Clean and tidy management of teams, jobs and payments using just one app.


Make an impact on customers with onsite estimates, quotes and invoicing.

Garden & Lawncare

Use one app to manage your schedule, recurring bookings and invoicing on the go.


Run your business in the field with custom quotes, invoicing, scheduling and more.


Let your business shine with custom quotes, scheduling, team management and more.


Manage your team, jobs, schedules, invoices and payments using field service software.


Power your business with field service software and manage your team on the go.


Streamline quotes, bookings and admin tasks from wherever you are and from one app.

Locksmith & Security

Securely manage schedules and emergency jobs on the go and get paid on the spot.

Property Management

Manage multiple accounts, suppliers, photos, documents onsite and from just one app.

Roofing & Guttering

Stay on top of managing quotes, scheduling, teams and accounts from wherever you are.

Building & Construction

Build quotes, track supplies, manage teams, create invoices and get paid more easily.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintain control of your business on the go with field service management software.

Pest Control

Manage team schedules, fulfil compliance and paperwork requirements on the go.

Pool & Spa

Schedule one-off and recurring jobs while easily managing teams and locations.

Automotive Services

Track parts, billable hours and teams easily and more efficiently with one app.

Delivery & Installation

Create a better customer experiences, track jobs and teams, get paid on the spot.


Add job notes, measurements, materials, schedule bookings and more with field service software.

Fire Protection

Create quotes and invoices, manage compliance documentation and so much more.


Manage multiple businesses, sites and teams more easily with job management software.

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It’s great to see jobs scheduled in the calendar and be able to drag and drop them as things change. So much easier!

– Terry Sandel, Coochie Hydrogreen

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