How to be a good electrician – five things sparkies must know

by | 1 Feb 2023 | Tips & Tricks

All of us will need the services of a good electrician at some point. When the lights go out (or worse), being able to call on a skilled sparkie can truly save the day. Electricians who know their trade inside and out are always in demand, and a career as an electrician is a stable and rewarding one.

So, what makes a good electrician? The answer to that doesn’t just lie in training and experience. The qualities of a good electrician range from the required training all the way to skills in building strong relationships, and getting on top of admin. Here are five things that every good electrician should know.

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom

Of course, any budding sparkie must complete the required training in order to qualify as a certified electrician. But the range of knowledge you’ll need to operate safely and successfully extends beyond the basics. For example, the powerful physical forces that electricians deal with on a daily basis can’t be underestimated, so knowledge around safety is paramount. Being comfortable learning, whether that’s taking classes or on the job, and having a willingness to seek out further information when you need to, is key to being a successful sparkie.

Get to grips with maths and physics

Do electricians have to be good at maths? Not specifically, but given electricians deal with electricity, and electricity is physics, it does help to have some basic scientific knowledge. Learning the concepts behind physics, especially, is a useful tool in your knowledge toolbox when it comes to being a good electrician. A good grasp of maths is also helpful when it comes to accounting. Not too great with numbers? Job management software like GeoNext can help with issuing invoices and quotes, and linking up with accounting software such as MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero.

Good communication skills lead to strong relationships

Having the ability to build strong relationships and communicate effectively are two skills that every successful sparkie should have. The trusted relationship between an electrician and their customer is of course, very important, but so are the relationships with suppliers and staff – good communication is the foundation for every positive relationship. If you are just starting out and want to know how to be a good apprentice electrician, listening and learning from experienced sparkies is the first step toward those all important communication skills. Job management software like GeoNext can help you stay organised and schedule jobs effectively so no customers or suppliers slip through the cracks.

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Time management skills are a must

Staying on top of jobs and scheduling is one thing, but turning up on time is just as important. It’s central to building trust with your customers and helps with repeat business. Sparkies are busy every day and time management is the crucial skill needed to ensure no one is left hanging.

Be a team player and work more effectively with GeoNext

Knowing how to be a great electrician means knowing how to work as part of a team. Sparkies rarely work alone and are often working alongside other contractors and electricians. Working as part of a team requires patience and skill. Using job management software to build greater efficiencies into your business so you can get more work done, in less time, with a system that brings your team together on the one platform is a huge step in the right direction for you, your business, and your free time!

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