How do digital timesheets work?

by | 9 Mar 2023 | Tips & Tricks

Timesheets are a fairly common practice in the everyday workplace. It helps the business owner know how much time their staff dedicate to certain tasks, as well as make sure they’re using their time effectively. But relying on paper timesheets or Excel spreadsheets can’t give you the full picture.

Doing your timesheets through a digital platform, such as job management software, allows you to gain that extra level of visibility over your staff’s work times. Not only is it quicker but it means you can get paid more accurately and ensure your staff aren’t overworked.

Unlike regular paper and pen timesheets, or manually clocking in and out, online timesheets allow you and your staff to accurately track your work times down to the minute. Rather than finishing off your jobs for the day and then filling in timesheets afterwards by memory, online timesheets keep the time for you. That way you can see how long a task actually took rather than relying on guesswork.


Why make the switch from manual timesheets?

Not only are manual timesheets more time-consuming but are prone to inaccuracies that make your business suffer in the long term. If you’re quoting an hour for a job and it’s actually taking an hour and a half, it’s likely that your team won’t notice this and only timesheet for the hour. This means you and your staff are working more hours than you’re earning back without realising. Time and profit go down the drain and your chances for growth become harder than ever.

With online timesheets, you can see the big picture and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


What are the benefits over manual timesheets?

  • No more unpaid overtime
    Compare timesheet hours with your quotes and use them as a basis for future jobs. That way you never get underpaid again.
  • Easier admin work
    With manual timesheets, your admin staff have to manually check and punch in the worked hours before generating an invoice. With online timesheets, this is done automatically so you can save a ton on time.
  • Happier employees
    Nothing worse than working hard and having little to show for it. With online timesheets, your staff can log the hours they actually worked without having to worry about remembering everything they did every hour of the day.
  • Knowing your true worth as a business
    Online timesheets give you the hard evidence on how long a job took so your customers know that your invoices are accurate. This means you don’t have to fight to get paid fairly and can instil a deeper level of transparency with your customers. You don’t have to wonder why jobs seem to take a long time but don’t ever quite pay off.


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