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by | 9 Mar 2023 | Tips & Tricks

Running a cleaning business can be a tough gig; getting the right people to the right location at the right time, juggling schedules when people are off unexpectedly, running late or customers change plans and making sure you get paid on time. On top of all that comes hours of paperwork at night and on the weekend to keep on top of it all!


Xero (link to website in new tab) can be fully integrated with Geo, scheduling and management software, to give you a powerful end to end system to help you save days spent on annoying paperwork.

Xero’s an outstanding tool for accounting, used by more than two million subscribers worldwide. It offers an all-in-one accounting and payroll solution merging your accounting and payroll together instead of having to double-handle data entry. Xero can help you monitor the health of your cleaning business by viewing incoming and outgoing payments and producing charts for you to easily see how your business is performing financially. In addition, you can receive daily updates and perform simply bank reconciliation which helps you measure the day’s jobs and bills paid.

Xero can also help your cleaning business keep track of your inventory and stock levels to ensure your team always have the right cleaning products and never run out. It also lets you set up and send all important quotes and invoices to your clients. When integrated with Geo, Xero becomes a powerful system to help your cashflow – as you can send invoices out from Geo as soon as a job is completed to help you get paid faster.


A cloud-based software application, it’s designed to suit different businesses and is one of the best apps for cleaners. It includes things like Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar for business.

With plenty of storage space to store important documents such as quotes and invoice templates, you can easily migrate important data to GSuite from your current program and if you’re going paperless, GSuite makes it more convenient to manage data not to mention being environmentally-friendly.

You can also set up an email account with a company domain name and set up email mailing list addresses like sales@ or admin@, info@ or even promotions@ and that way you can easily receive inquiries or email out promotions and keep your customers engaged with your business. Sending out promotions for marketing campaigns including discounted rates or “refer a friend” can drive new customer acquisition or keep repeat clients for regular cleaning.

Square Point Of Sale

Are you sick of chasing up invoices for payment or waiting for bank transactions? If you have a cleaning business and want one of the best apps for Point of Sale payments (POS), then Square is a great choice. The smartphones and tablets used by your team of cleaners can act as a mobile payment device which means your cleaners can process payment from customers when the job’s done and while on site.

This means faster incoming payments no waiting to invoice clients once the cleaners return to the office or waiting for customers to deposit later. The fantastic aspect of Square Point Of Sale is also that regardless of where you are, if you or your team member happens to be in a location with low reception, the application will still function offline; no downtime. There is also the capability to send invoices from your mobile device or computer to client’s email addresses and you can have customised invoice templates within the system ready to go. Square Point Of Sale is easy and convenient to use and one of the best apps for cleaners with the ability to obtain real-time sales reports to keep track of the income coming in; you can generate a sales report for a week and see what the business earned each day.

You can also track individual team members’ sales/jobs and the number of hours worked which provides you with a useful cost-benefit ratio for each cleaner.


Geo’s simple scheduling and management software for cleaners replaces the annoying paperwork, saves you around 14 hours, improves cashflow and helps get your life back!

This end to end system for cleaning companies buts all your processes online; scheduling your jobs, creating quotes, keeping track of staff hours and invoicing your clients.

It’s got some great features for cleaners, like recurring jobs so you can set up your daily, weekly or monthly jobs once. Geo helps you easily communicate with your team, and GPS tracking means you can easily reschedule jobs to those closest.
Even better it comes with free training and onboarding for you and your team so you’ll be up and running in no time.
While on the job, your cleaners can capture photos, add notes regarding the job and record customer signatures. Not only does Geo tracks jobs from beginning to end, including all expenses and hours, but you can also track your cleaners’ location with GPS tracking to see if they are running on time and how their day is panning out. No need for telephone calls backwards and forwards between you and your team; you can view their schedule and location and be on top of whether you need to touch base with a client if a team member is running behind at all.

Integrating Geo with your accounting software like Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks allows you to be on top of the incoming and outgoing payments which is important for managing your business and cash flow. Customised templates such as quotations and invoices can be created in the Geo platform and sending out invoices as soon as the jobs finished allows you to receive payments quicker.

As one of the best apps for cleaners, Geo understands what you need to make your business thrive and get back your free time!

All work and no play makes for one stressed our tradie. But with Geo you can save 14 hours a week on admin duty and make your work feel like play! Talk to one of our experts today to find out how Geo fits into your business.

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